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Whitlands Engineering – an Australian family owned company located in the King Valley region in NE Victoria.

Whitlands Engineering specialises in the design and manufacture of firewood and vineyard equipment. All Whitco products are manufactured to specification on site, using Australian made components.

Vineyard Cane Rake


VINEYARD HYGIENE has become an important

aspect of the viticulture industry.

The prevention of disease and carryover

problems can be improved by the removal

of trash and pruning wood from under the

vine rows. The Cane Rake is a vital tool in

the vineyard, doing an excellent job of

cleaning the vineyard floor.


Improved weed control

Improved coverage and penetration of weedicide

Reduces the harbouring of diseases

Helps to reduce frost damage

A must if you are netting your vines

A tidy vineyard helps to eliminate O.H &S issues by reducing trip hazards

Aesthetics – welcome your guests to a neat and tidy vineyard

whitlands cane rake


Very efficient raking of canes and debris from under vine

Excellent results up to 8kmh

Smooth trouble free cam action raises and lowers tynes, windrowing canes to the centre of the row

Rake and mulch in one pass

Single or double sided units

Swingback Protection System –Stops damage to posts, canes and equipment

Best combination of rake speed and ground speed gained through the use and setting of flow control valve

Low oil flow requirement

Totally enclosed drive system

Simple design,virtually maintenance free

Australian Made with locally sourced components.

Easy mounting to Whitco Hydraulic Mast

Stand enables easy removal from tractor

Other mounting options available

Optional side skirt with Single sided unit

Optional tilt ram gives optimum raking performance on hilly or terraced vineyards

Comprehensive Manual with Risk Assessment with each unit

Full 12 month warranty

Single Sided Cane Rake with the New Swingback Protection System mounted on a Whitco Hydraulic Mast

Also shown with the optional Side Skirt.

whitlands cane rake operation
whitlands cane rake rear view in operation
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Whitco Vineyard Equipment

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