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With hopper capacities of 400 litres the PS403 model is the ideal solution for small farms and special applications like golf

The Advantages: Spreading quality and ease of operation of this unique machine. Spreading width from 1 - 14 metres.

* SuperFlow spreading system

* Easy setting of the application rate

* A wide range of spreading spouts

* Border spreading is made easy!

* PS-ED II on-board computer available.

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vicon PS403 fertiliser spreader

The RO-C is controlled either manually or Quick

and convenient rate setting 4 detachable vanes

per disc determine the working width

hydraulically. It is the most compact spreader

in the range, but features all elements of

the RotaFlow spreader line. This results in a

triangular spreading pattern up to 21 metres.

C for Compact

The working width is determined by the

vane length. The 4 vanes can be detached

easily, also for a static calibration test.

Application rate adjustment from the

calibration position is easily accessible

Standard features include:

• All vanes for 9 - 18 metres (20/21m optional)

• Overload clutch

• Stainless steel hose connections

• Robust steel sieves

• Right hand spreading disc can be shut off

• Grading box to test fertiliser quality

RotaFlow RO-M

Hopper capacity 1.100 - 2.000 litres, Working width 1 0 - 24 (27/28) metres, Each spreading disc has 8 vanes and their length determines the working width of the machine. These 8 vanes contribute to the

highly accurate spread pattern across the complete working widths reaching from 10up to 28 metres. Both discs can be shut off independently to spread half the working width, essential for preventing lodging in

tapering headlands.

Standard features include:

• All vanes for 10 - 24 metres (27/28m optional)

• Fine application kit

• 2 delta shaped heavy duty grids

• Overload clutch

• Stainless steel hose connections

• Grading box to test fertiliser quality

RotaFlow RO-XL

Hopper capacity 1.500-3.900 litres

Working width 12 - 45 metres

XL for Extra Large

The RO-XL is the high capacity spreader of

the RotaFlow range. The maximum load

capacity with 3 extention rims is 3450 or

3900 litres, depending of the hopper width.

The standard machine can spread all

working widths without changing discs,

vanes or even gear wheels. The working

width is set using the tractor PTO speed and

dual input shafts on the spreader centre

gear box. An innovative driveline to each

disc ensures gentle agitation due to the

"slow rotating" agitator system, which runs

at 15% of the spreading disc speed.

Easy working width adjustment

Convenient setting of the working width and

a triangular spreading pattern. Above 24

metres working width, the angle indicator

assists in tilting the machine 4 or 8 degrees.

Both discs can be shut off independently to

spread half the working width.

vicon RO-C fertiliser spreader

Vicon RO disc spreader range (except RO-C) to control spreading of the borders from the tractor cab. You can easily switch from transport into working position without leaving the tractor seat. There is also a new TrimFlow system available. The TrimFlow border spreading system is no longer only available for the right hand side of the spreader, now it can also be used for the left hand side of the spreader. The advantage is that you can approach your border from both sides and you can spread a small field by using both TrimFlow’s at the same time.

RO-M vicon fertiliser spreader
fertiliser spreader RO-M
rota flow RO-XL fertiliser spreader
RO-XL rota flow vicon spreader
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