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Hustler Specialised Farming Equipment. Equipment

Hustler builds machines you can trust, year in year out. Hustler’s aim is to produce quality, versatile machines that are easy and safe to use and loaded with the features farmers want. Hustler machines are designed to be easy to service.

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Mini Lift

A three point linkage UTILITY LIFT

Hustler Minilifts are basic three point linkage mounted lifts, ideal for pallets, bales, troughs and general lifting jobs around the propeAvailable in two sizes either 700kg or 1500kg capacity. The ideal machine for the smaller operator.

Load Floater

This cost-effective unit GIVES OPTIMUM FRUIT PROTECTION.hustler-fork2

Hustler Loadfloater is a three point linkage mounted fork system designed to protect produce from damage. The hollow rubber suspension system floats the bin while six hardened steel rollers provide up to 200mm of free movement.

Loadfloater works just as well with a partially loaded bin as a full one and allows faster travelling speeds.

The end result can be a dramatic saving every season by reducing the bruising of pip and stone fruit and ground crops.

VMX Series

VMX series forklifts have been designed specifically with you in mind: Unsurpassed visibility, special safety features and attention to detail that professional forklift operators will appreciate.

Available in a range of models from 1200 – 1500kg capacity.

Model Identification

2 = 2 Stage Mast

12 = 1200kg Lifting capacity

1.1m = 1.1m Lift height


                                                    (03) 9739 5006

465 Maroondah Hwy   Lilydale 3140 Victoria