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Duncan Ag have been supplying high quality specialised farm machinery for over 75 years. Their range of seed drills are second to none. For many years, Agpower have supplied drills for Vineyards, Pasture renovation, sowing of green crops and contractors with popular models such as the Renovator MK4, Renovator Eco seeder and the Vineyard seeder.

duncan ag seed drills

The Eco Seeder has been designed for today's farmer at a price that won't break the budget.  

Able to sow a variety of seeds from clover, rape and swedes right up to oats, wheat and peas.

25mm coil tines: strong and maintain their shape for more accurate seeding

Duncan ‘T’ Boot: creates an excellent seed bed environment

Tungsten tile on the leading edge to increase the life of the point. (Tungsten chip points also available for stony conditions)

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Duncan Ag Seed Drills